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Being in good company

SAP® customers worldwide rely on the products and services of Virtual Forge. We ensure the highest security, compliance and quality standards for SAP systems used by numerous well-respected organizations.

Our customers are worldwide leading companies acting in branches such as automotive, banking and insurance, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, high-tech and electronics, media and entertainment, consumer goods, trade, oil and gas, and utilities.


Customer value


Fast, reliable and automatic identification of security and compliance risks in product development.



“Our customers could hardly have set the bar higher in the level of stability and security they demand from our software products. To make sure we’re up to the challenge, CodeProfiler gives us the pole we need to vault right over that bar with minimal effort and plenty of flexibility.”

Dominik Wittenbeck | Head of T-Bone Development, SNP AG

Easy integration into development processes, implementation of quality gates, continuous feedback to the developers on coding that is non-compliant with programming guidelines.



„With the implementation of CodeProfiler we were able to establish a new quality assurance process, that does not even stop at Legacy Code. As a result the stability of our applications has significantly increased. Since the CodeProfiler tests are optimally integrated into the Eclipse based ABAP develop- ment tools, our developers receive feedback on programming guidelines at exactly the right time: while typing.“

Markus Theilen | easy+ Domain Product Architect, SAP HANA Evangelist, EWE swb ISIS GmbH

Provided automated ABAP scanning to confirm code meets Authority to Operate requirements.

Reduced number of code corrections per object and provided ability to scan and remediate vulnerabilities quickly.

“Virtual Forge CodeProfiler enables us to prove that our code is secure and compliant... it is accurate, comprehensive and consistent and ensures that all ABAP code meets our high standards.”

Christine Warring | CACI contractor, TEWLS Sustainment Project Manager, JMLFDC

Implemented automated code review process that reduced time and cost by eliminating manual tasks.

Enforced common coding standards globally for all ABAP code.

“The use of Virtual Forge CodeProfiler has streamlined our development review process, enabled us to reduce cost and improve code security and quality.”

Giovanni Rondinelli | Pratt & Whitney

Considerable less effort required for checking SAP configuration settings while complying to auditor’s requirements at the same time.

Significant improvement of the existing authorization concept and the validation contained within role and authorization configuration.

“With SystemProfiler we are able to validate configuration settings, which we could not and did not do previously. In addition this leads to significant savings in effort and costs in the administration of our SAP systems.”

Susanne Hulla-Franken | Head of Department IT, Ärzteversorgung Westfalen-Lippe.

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