Do you have an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of your SAP® security situation?

Many companies are unaware of the status of their SAP security level. They live in the belief that the programs SAP delivers are secure. However, this assumption can no longer be guaranteed due to interfaces, specially extended programs, transports into the production systems, and many other influencing factors.

“Understand your Risk” enables you to achieve transparency and the basis for a secure SAP infrastructure.

Professional Services for SAP_Virtual Forge Understand your Risk
Analysis of
SAP systems

Identification of

for Action

The "Virtual Forge Vulnerability Assessment" is a quick and easy way to automatically analyze and evaluate the current risk situation of one of your SAP systems.

You receive the results in a detailed PDF report with the most important findings. The risks are sorted according to urgency and include detailed descriptions with best practice-based solution recommendations.

The Vulnerability Assessment includes:

  • Scan of in-house developments (custom code)
  • Verification of configuration and authorizations
  • Evaluation of the transport history

The "Virtual Forge Penetration Test" for SAP analyzes the implemented security mechanisms of a production or QA system. Our security experts identify risks and back doors on-site at your premises.

You receive the results in a comprehensive report, which is discussed in detail during the closing meeting.

Penetration Test for SAP includes:

  • Checking critical configuration parameters
  • Scanning in-house developments (custom code)
  • Analyzing the network architecture

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