SAP system landscapes are part of a company’s critical infrastructure and are considerably more complex today than they were just a few years ago. In addition, the number of interfaces to other systems has increased exponentially. This complexity entails risks and secure operation is impossible without the right tools.

The Virtual Forge Security Suite takes a holistic approach to safeguarding SAP systems. In addition to code and transport security, protecting systems and interfaces is a fundamental component of the Security Suite.

Through the merger with Onapsis, we can now offer an even more comprehensive solution in the area of system security. The joint know-how and the best components from both solutions are now available from a single source.

SAP Security - Virtual Forge Security Suite System

More Security for your SAP Landscape:

5 Simple Rules for Securing Your SAP System

  • RFC Connections: Secure settings will provide better protection against attackers
  • SAP Default Users: Which ones exist and how to properly securing your default users
  • Custom Coding: Why there is no effective protection without taking customer-specific developments into account
SAP Security: Five Simple Rules by Virtual Forge

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