After vulnerabilities have been analyzed and cleaned up, it’s important to firmly establish cyber security measures for the long term so that no new risks can arise.

Besides our comprehensive Security Suite, we offer additional services and training to ensure a holistic approach.

With "Stay Clean", you ensure that your SAP® system landscape remains free from security vulnerabilities in the future.

Professional Services for SAP_Virtual Forge Stay Clean

of Systems

long-term Security
Prevention of
new Vulnerabilities

The "Virtual Forge Managed Service" for SAP ETD helps organizations with limited resources quickly manage security incidents. In addition to installing SAP ETD, the managed service provides support during ongoing operations.

Continuous monitoring gives you a high degree of transparency. Specific recommendations for action decrease the administrative overhead and reduce business and security risks.

The Managed Service for SAP ETD includes:

  • Installing the software
  • Configuring security patterns
  • Support for patches and upgrades
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Correction guide

The aim of our unique training is to explain vulnerabilities by using specific examples and to demonstrate programming practices for secure development.

The two-day course is held by a Virtual Forge security expert and participants receive corresponding certificates.

Available training courses:

  • Secure ABAP Programming
  • Secure SAP Fiori Programming

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