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Whether you need background information on best SAP® practices, the state of SAP security and quality today or in-depth guidance on risk mitigation and cutting-edge tools, we have captured expert insights. Our white papers provide actionable tips and guidance you can use to improve your SAP security and quality programs.

Static Data Leak Prevention (S-DLP)

The Weaknesses in existing DLP methodologies which are primarily related to unreliable identification of critical business data. (Whitepaper by Andreas Wiegenstein)

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SAP® Security Recommendations - Protecting Java- and ABAP-based SAP Applications

Published here with friendly permission of SAP AG. This SAP white paper has been developed with support from Virtual Forge.

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The ABAP Underverse

Latest Research results about risky ABAP to Kernel communication and ABAP-tunneled buffer overflows.
by Andreas Wiegenstein, presented at Blackhat Europe, Barcelona, 2011

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Software Supply Chain Integrity in SAP Applications

Article in Security Acts, by Sebastian Schinzel, Gunter Bitz, Andreas Wiegenstein, Markus Schumacher & Frederik Weidemann, 2009

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Writing Fast and Secure Code in C

Describes the special vulnerability for buffer overflows in C, and explains how developers can harden their code against this and other vulnerabilities. (Whitepaper by Sebastian Schinzel)

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Web Application Vulnerability Scanners - a Benchmark

Analyzes the efficiency and reliability of black box scanners when searching for vulnerabilities in Web applications
By Andreas Wiegenstein, Frederik Weidemann, Sebastian Schinzel, Dr. Markus Schumacher

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The Cross Site Scripting Threat

Detailed (technical) discussion of Cross-Site Scripting vulnerabilities and their damage potential.
By Andreas Wiegenstein, Dr. Markus Schumacher, Xu Jia, Frederik Weidemann

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The Impact of Cross-Site Scripting on Your Business

High-level overview of the business risks related to Cross-Site Scripting vulnerabilities.
By Andreas Wiegenstein

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