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With Virtual Forge SystemProfiler, you can detect and correct errors in SAP® system configurations and avoid recurrence.

SystemProfiler is a unique solution for validating and optimizing SAP system configurations. The solution allows for efficient and reliable auditing and improvement of your SAP system's security and basis authorizations. This leads to minimized critical risks, significant cost reduction through more stable, and faster SAP systems and drastically reduced effort for monitoring and correction measures.

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How SystemProfiler works

Virtual Forge SystemProfiler enables you to secure and monitor your entire SAP system landscape to ensure frictionless system operations. SystemProfiler helps to comply to internal and external security standards while at the same time saving expenses and costs for adjustments or corrections.

Policies: meeting internal and external requirements

SystemProfiler is based on rules as defined in established industry standards, e.g. the DSAG guidelines or the BSI manual.These rules are pre-configured in SystemProfiler and can be applied quickly and reliably to your SAP systems. To meet internal regulations, own rules can be defined as well.

Validations: central architecture for maximum flexibility and scalability

With SystemProfiler, complex system configurations for individual systems as well as for the entire system landscape are secured and centrally monitored.

Results: providing full system transparency

After checking system configurations for security and quality issues, SystemProfiler will present the results on system level and will generate a comprehensive report of findings. 

Getting started

Understand your risks now and evaluate your system configuration.

Register for a vulnerability assessment

The Virtual Forge Reporting Dashboard

SystemProfiler is the first solution of Virtual Forge which uses our new reporting dashboard. The Virtual Forge Reporting Dashboard provides an intuitive, easy-to-use Web application which shows a visualization of the current status of the test case results as well as trends that show the history of the results. The Virtual Forge Reporting Dashboard will provide these features for all Virtual Forge solutions in the near future.

Within the SystemProfiler implementation of the Virtual Forge Reporting Dashboard, detailed charts allow for an analysis of results using various options. The Reporting Dashboard comes pre-configured to encompass all test case results, while the actual scope can be determined according to your exact requirements.

For more specific reporting purposes, SystemProfiler contains a web service API which can be used to cover more advanced reporting use cases.


Business impact of issues in the SAP system configuration

Our solution approach

  • Assess: We evaluate the status of your system with an initial vulnerability assessment.
  • Safeguard: SystemProfiler identifies risks and issues and provides a comprehensive overview of the configuration status of the entire SAP system landscape.
  • Optimize: SystemProfiler constantly monitors your SAP system landscape and is able to correct weak or incorrect configuration settings automatically. In addition, it assists you in implementing preventive measures.

Benefits for your company

Security and compliance risks: significantly reduced

  • Prevents data theft and industrial espionage
  • Ensures compliance to internal and external security and quality 

Central administration: up to 80% effort and costs saving

  • Reduced operative effort through centralized architecture
  • Continuous monitoring of the entire system landscape
  • Comprehensive reporting for full transparency

Built-in expert knowledge: 75% less correction costs

  • Expert knowledge guarantees comprehensive coverage of all security relevant settings
  • Automated correction enables efficient and effective system operations

Governance: reduced effort by 92% and costs by 98%

  • Flexible configuration policies
  • Fully scalable, even for large system landscapes

End-user perspective

Learn about the benefits of Virtual Forge SystemProfiler for your specific requirements.

SAP Basis Administrators

SystemProfiler enables you to save effort for manual configuration work and to validate configurations quickly and reliably.

SAP Departments

SystemProfiler helps you to secure your SAP configurations while effectively saving costs.

IT and Security Responsibles

SystemProfiler gives you full transparency of the security and quality status of your SAP system configurations.

Auditors and Controllers

SystemProfiler provides you with transparency about the security and compliance risks of your entire SAP system landscape.

Certified and recognized

Any questions?

If you want to know more about Virtual Forge solutions or services, contact us or simply take Virtual Forge SystemProfiler out for a test drive for 30 days.


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