The Virtual Forge Security Suite

Securing SAP® systems is a complex task. The unique architecture, the enormous complexity and customized adjustments make SAP systems difficult to secure.

The Virtual Forge Security Suite simplifies and automates this task. We focus on those areas that are critical to security vulnerabilities and stability problems:

  • Customer-specific programming includes security weaknesses
  • Incorrect settings result in exploitable vulnerabilities
  • Risky transports destabilize SAP landscapes

With the Virtual Forge Security Suite you avoid these risks and ensure the security and stability of your SAP systems.

The Virtual Forge Security Suite includes the following components:

Security and reliability of SAP code

With our CodeProfiler for ABAP, Virtual Forge is market leader and benchmark for static analysis of ABAP programs (SAST). Its umatched false-positive rate, speed, scope of predefined checks and the deep integration into the development and release process, CodeProfiler covers all necessary functionalities – and much more.

Virtual Forge CodeProfiler for HANA is the first available Scanner for native HANA applications and opens up new SAP programming languages such as XSJS or SQL step by step. Plugins support the developers and tailor-made apps allow a seamless validation of HANA developments.


Security for SAP System Configurations

VirtualForge SystemProfiler is the multi-purpose tool for continuously monitoring, controlling and evaluating configuration settings and Basis authorizations of SAP systems. Results are passed on to the Virtual Forge Reporting tool or to external solutions such as SIEM systems.


Security and Quality of SAP transports

Virtual Forge TransportProfiler enables a validation of SAP transports before importing them to downstream SAP systems or even during the release process. This saves costs and effort for additional systems and prevents issues caused by incomplete and dangerous transports.


Our standards – your benefit

Every component of the Virtual Forge Security Suite works very similarly: Our generated PDF reports provide you with revision-proof documents, customizable test case management guarantees tailor-made evaluations. Our common workflows monitor all important processes from development to release, and the joint reporting provides immediate insight into the status and trends of the connected ABAP, JAVA, and HANA systems.

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The Virtual Forge Approach

For a secure SAP backend, we recommend the same
3-phase approach that we successfully implement for our customers.

Whether cloud or on-premise, ABAP® or SAP HANA®,
our solutions support all established SAP products.

Understand your Risk

  • Identify security requirements
  • Analyze vulnerabilities

Get Clean

  • Secure systems
  • Eliminate vulnerabilites

Stay Clean

  • Implement security policy
  • Monitor systems

Virtual Forge
Certified and recognized

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