Transport files under control

Virtual Forge TransportProfiler checks transports for completeness, consistency, and changes in critical data. This makes it possible to identify flawed transports in advance, which in turn helps prevent system downtime, damage to target systems, and the costs and effort required for correcting errors.

Has your company had problems with transports in the past? Now is the time to find out. Our Vulnerability  Assessment service is an easy way to have the transport history of your SAP environment analyzed to identify any issues that may have occurred during a period of your choosing. It also determines whether these problems could have been avoided with the help of TransportProfiler.

Vulnerability Assessment

Virtually every company that uses SAP software adds in its own customizations and developments. Internal and external consultants and developers modify and enhance the functions and settings in place to support ongoing operations. For some customers, this leads to changes being made to hundreds of objects every day and data that has been modified any number of times.

Such changes are typically reviewed and adjusted in development and test environments before being introduced into a production system. SAP's transport system is an important tool in importing changes and custom developments into production systems. That said, it does not perform any detailed checks on transport objects.

This is where Virtual Forge TransportProfiler comes in: It examines transports files and the transports they include for critical objects, including changes in developments, system settings, application configuration and application data.

TransportProfiler also analyzes and evaluates the changes effected by a transport before it is imported into an SAP system. Its flexible approach to assessing outcomes is designed to account for the individual risks modifications pose to the security and stability of the system in question. This is how TransportProfiler's detailed analysis and evaluation of individual changes avert negative consequences in target systems.

TransportProfiler comes with extensive checks that are based on Virtual Forge's years of experience in countless customer projects. It is also possible for customers to define and incorporate their own checks.

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If you want to know more about Virtual Forge solutions or services, contact us or simply take Virtual Forge TransportProfiler out for a test drive for 30 days – it's free and there's no obligation.


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