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Virtual Forge SAP Risk Assessment offers a fast and easy way to analyze and evaluate the risk situation of one of your SAP systems. And to top it all off, it won't cost you a thing!

In the process, we perform a comprehensive scan on the custom ABAP application code and configuration of an SAP system of your choice.

How you benefit:

  • You will get a detailed overview of the scan results
  • A list of the most critical risks and findings
  • Statistics of your code and system metrics in comparison with our benchmark, which is based on assessments of more than 300 SAP customer systems

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Achieve greater security and transparency in three steps

  1. Registration: A Virtual Forge employee will then contact you straightaway to discuss the procedure ahead.

  2. Scanning: We'll scan each and every facet of your ABAP application code and configuration of one of your SAP systems for critical vulnerabilities.

  3. In conclusion, we'll present the results of the scan and discuss them with you.

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