Optimized SAP HANA® Code in just a Few Clicks

CodeProfiler for HANA® is designed to aid developers in creating robust, reliable SAP HANA applications that meet the highest standards of security and stability – right from the first line of code. 

In SAP HANA, developers now have the means to design modern, web-based applications that take full advantage of unparalleled database performance, which makes them ideally suited for use on web and cloud computing platforms.

Indeed, the power of in-memory technology is opening doors to entirely unprecedented business and application potential. To harness it, however, SAP developers first need to familiarize themselves with an all-new coding environment and new programming languages.

Scan the code of native SAP HANA applications with CodeProfiler for HANA (YouTube)

Enter Virtual Forge CodeProfiler for HANA, which integrates seamlessly with the SAP HANA development environment (for both desktops and the web): This solution scans program code written in SQLScript and XSJS JavaScript to identify security vulnerabilities, such as to cross-site scripting and SQL injections.

CodeProfiler for HANA also reveals flaws that can hinder application performance and stability. In addition, the way in which it integrates its inspections into the SAP HANA development environment makes it possible to prevent errors from a very early stage while providing developers with interactive training, which minimizes the cost of errors for the long term.

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