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With Virtual Forge CodeProfiler for ABAP, you can identify business risks and correct errors in your ABAP® code automatically.

Fully integrated into the SAP® development environment and based on Virtual Forge’s patented global data and control flow analysis, you can automatically pinpoint and correct critical vulnerabilities in ABAP code. Capturing expert knowledge in more than 270 ready-to-use test cases, CodeProfiler for ABAP helps to ensure that applications written in ABAP are free of known security, compliance or quality issues. That way, your SAP systems are protected from unauthorized access and you can easily meet the requirements of internal and external auditors. In addition, you increase the overall performance and reduce operational costs of your SAP systems.

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How CodeProfiler for ABAP works

Virtual Forge CodeProfiler for ABAP is your "ABAP Firewall" that assures that no single line of bad ABAP code enters the productive SAP system anymore. Since CodeProfiler for ABAP is seamlessly integrated into the entire SAP development process, you have an end-to-end governance of security, performance and quality requirements covering development, quality assurance and production.

Development: avoiding issues proactively

While programming, CodeProfiler for ABAP helps developers to identify and correct errors and vulnerabilities in the SAP landscape.

Transport release: protecting your business

CodeProfiler for ABAP automatically ensures that only good ABAP code will be transported to the next level. A mandatory check before transport release assures that your security & quality requirements are met. Moreover, in an audit you can prove at any time that the programs meet the compliance requirements.

Getting started

Understand your risks now and evaluate your custom ABAP code.

Register for a vulnerability assessment

Business impact of issues in custom ABAP code

Average of 2.09 million lines per code (status: October 2014) | Scan of 453 million lines of custom ABAPcode (Source: Virtual Forge Benchmark)

Our solution approach

  • Assess: We evaluate the status of your SAP system with an initial vulnerability assessment.

  • Safeguard: Turn on security and quality immediately. Being implemented only in a few hours, CodeProfiler can immediately analyse every new line of custom ABAP code providing an effective change control.This can also be applied to 3rd party projects to enforce good development standards at external partners.

  • Optimize: We help you to setup effective mitigation projects. We clean-up the legacy code-base, provide automated correction capabilities (up to a 70% automation ratio) and deliver best-practise mitigation papers for the correction of residual issues.

Benefits for your company

Reduce development costs: 75% less for corrections

  • Considerable cost reduction for development and maintenance by improved program quality

Improved availability: 84% faster and failsafer programs

  • Reduce run-time and hardware utilization through improved performance
  • Minimize system failures and downtime using selective corrections
  • HANA optimization: makes your ABAP code run real fast

Effective governance: 92% less effort and costs reduced by 98%

  • Set quality standards for internal and external developments
  • Accurate and resource-saving analysis and evaluation

Reduction of security and compliance risks

  • Prevention from cyber-attacks, fraud and system downtimes

End-user perspective

Learn about the benefits of Virtual Forge CodeProfiler for ABAP for your specific requirements.


With CodeProfiler for ABAP, every new line of your ABAP code is checked quickly and reliably - directly in your familiar development environment.

Development and Project Managers

With CodeProfiler for ABAP you ensure that internally and externally developed applications as well as 3rd party add-ons meet predefined quality criteria.

IT and Security Managers / CISOs

With CodeProfiler for ABAP you gain full transparancy regarding risks in your SAP system's ABAP code.

Software Companies and SAP-Partners

With CodeProfiler for ABAP you can proactively test your ABAP code  proving to your customers that your solutions are free of vulnerabilities, backdoors and performance bottlenecks.


Add predefined code quality criteria for development projects in contract specifications and enforce them with a mouse click during acceptance tests.

Auditors and Controllers

With CodeProfiler for ABAP you gain full transparency concerning security and compliance issues in SAP systems and their risk impact on the business.

Certified and recognized

Any questions?

We are happy to provide further information about how CodeProfiler for ABAP helps you to eliminate risks, to improve stability, and to lower operating costs.

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