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Virtual Forge publishes benchmark on quality of custom SAP developments

Heidelberg, November 18, 2015 - The custom code found in the average customer's SAP system contains 16 highly critical security flaws – each of them waiting to be exploited by any hacker looking to seize full control of the system. This was one of the findings produced by the latest Business Code Quality Benchmark from Virtual Forge, which examined over 300 SAP systems at companies of every size and industry around the world.  

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Virtual Forge Unveils Significant Expansion of Solution Portfolio

Heidelberg, October 29, 2015 - Business – these days, it's more or less synonymous with processing information. Some 300,000 organizations across the world, including 90% of the top 2,000 companies, now entrust their business to SAP systems. Their success depends to a large extent on the security and stability of these systems and applications, which handle the execution of many key business transactions. Any downtime or decline in performance could have dire consequences. Companies thus face the task of reviewing and optimizing their SAP systems on a regular basis to ensure they remain stable and secure.

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Virtual Forge releases first SAP HANA Code Scanner

Heidelberg, June 24, 2015 - Today’s most exciting innovation in the business software market comes from SAP: HANA. It enables applications that are set to change the world of business. The keyword here is “predictive” – that is, having the ability to foresee events and react accordingly in rapid fashion.

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Achieve Holistic Application Security Management with ThreadFix and CodeProfiler for SAP ABAP Software

Heidelberg, April 29, 2015 - In the most recent example of software integrating Virtual Forge CodeProfiler, the solution ThreadFix offers security managers a holistic instrument for assessing risks in business applications – including those developed in SAP's ABAP language.

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Virtual Forge Performing Risk Assessments at the Push of a Button during the SAPPHIRE® NOW Conference

MALVERN, PA – May 5, 2015 - Virtual Forge will be demonstrating how companies can perform risk assessments of their SAP-based systems and applications at the push of a button during the SAPPHIRE® NOW conference being held May 5-7 in Orlando, Florida, in booth 924.

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