Eliminate risks, improve stability,
lower operating costs

Optimize and protect your SAP® business

95% of all customized SAP® systems are vulnerable, which adds an enormous risk to your business. Not only the risk of system downtimes, but also of cyber-attacks and fraud. Even a single line of defective code or a faulty configuration setting can impact your financials, your reputation and jeopardize your position.

Our customers automatically identify their key risks and correct errors within their customized systems to protect them against cyber-attacks, fraud, and unnecessary downtime. Furthermore, our customers are enabled to implement preventive measures and obtain the steady control of risks in SAP environments.

Your benefits:

  • Safety from unauthorized access and other security incidents
  • Conformation to compliance standards and regulatory requirements
  • Performance boost for your overall SAP system

How your company benefits
from Virtual Forge

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The ABAP® code firewall

Pinpointing vulnerabilities in ABAP® program code and correcting errors automatically.

Fully integrated into SAP and based on Virtual Forge’s patented global data and control flow analysis, the Virtual Forge CodeProfiler automatically pinpoints and corrects critical vulnerabilities in custom ABAP code.

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Understand your risk now!

Evaluate the current state of your SAP system for free.

What we do:

Scan of custom coding and configuration settings for one SAP system.

Identification and prioritization of risks and issues.

What you get:

Full transparency through management summary with selected findings.

The knowledge to correct errors and implement preventive measures.


May 5 - 7, 2015, Orlando, FL:
SAPPHIRE NOW & ASUG Annual Conference


April 28, 2015,
4.00pm - 5.00pm (UTC+01:00)

SAP Cloud Security - how to protect your data in the cloud.
Patrick Boch, Product Manager, Virtual Forge

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