After the "Understand Your Risk" phase, the next step is to eliminate the vulnerabilities found in your SAP® landscape. Cleaning up the defects found in your systems has to be carefully planned and expertly implemented. This is often a major challenge during day-to-day operations.

"Get Clean" enables you, with Virtual Forge by your side, to eliminate critical vulnerabilities from your SAP landscape fast, without tying up additional capacities.

Professional Services for SAP_ Virtual Forge Get Clean
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Security Experts

The "Productive Pilot" service makes it possible for you to evaluate Virtual Forge products alongside ongoing SAP operations. The functions of the products can be integrated directly into your company’s processes.

During the "productive pilot" phase you already receive the result of this integration in the form of a detailed analysis that includes potential security vulnerabilities in your SAP landscape.


Productive Pilot includes:

  • Extensive audit
  • Installation workshop
  • Application workshop
  • Use of the solution for the defined period of time

To correct the security vulnerabilities found, we offer the "Custom Code Correction Factory". The goal is to eliminate programming defects, minimizing the risk for the SAP systems affected.

After the vulnerabilities have been cleaned up, you will receive an updated analysis report verifying the corrections.

The Custom Code Correction Factory includes:

  • Initial analysis of vulnerabilities with the CodeProfiler
  • Classification of vulnerabilities according to criticality
  • Mitigation for the vulnerabilities found
  • Verification of mitigation through renewed use of the CodeProfiler

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