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In our Webinars, we regularly discuss current issues, topics and trends in the fields of IT security and compliance. Listen to our experts from research & development, consulting, and learn first hand how to optimally protect your SAP systems and applications from cyber risks and operational failures.

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How to Hack an SAP® System Using Transports, April 2018

The transport management system in SAP® is an important tool for transporting changes and developments to the productive systems. As important as it is, however, it can be easily exploited. Sensitive data, users and authorizations as well as critical system settings can be changed unnoticed and cause great damage when transported to the target systems.  Read more


What to Do About Spectre/Meltdown Vulnerabilities for Your SAP Operating System? April 2018

With recent and continuing news on system vulnerabilities, what are you doing? Is your SAP operating system, whether on premise, or in the cloud, secure? Have you taken action to prevent unauthorized access?  Read more


Preparing for the future: GDPR by design, March 2018

With the new GDPR coming into effect in a few months, existing data and processes have been taken care of. What proves more difficult is to sustain GDPR compliance. This joint webinar by Virtual Forge and Turnkey Consulting will focus on data privacy and data protection “by design” and how GDPR compliance can be integrated seamlessly into your ERP system.  Read more


Scanning SAPUI5 applications with CodeProfiler for HANA, February 2018

Virtual Forge CodeProfiler for HANA identifies security and compliance vulnerabilities in SAP HANA® applications. With SAPUI5 as its front-end programming language, SAP Fiori applications can be deployed both on HANA and ABAP stacks. Read more


Case Study: How SAP SE detects attacks on their SAP® systems, October 2017

The Security of SAP® systems is something which, not surprisingly, also bothers SAP SE. Not only because they are the one developing SAP systems, but also because SAP SE uses their systems internally. Not surprisingly, SAP seems to be a bit target for attacks, therefore a solution which was able to detect those was needed. SAP found a matching solution inhouse: Enterprise Threat Detection (ETD). Read more


5 ways to hack your SAP system, September 2017

2016 saw the most documented cybersecurity incidents ever worldwide. Even more worrying, SAP systems – which often contain the most important data for a company – are surprisingly easy to hack. Direct attack or gaining illegitimate access indirectly – in this webinar we will demonstrate 5 ways hackers will try to access your most critical business system. And how to prevent them from doing so. Read more


A holistic view on SAP HANA Security, June 2017

No doubt about it: the future for SAP customers is HANA. Migrating to HANA holds its very own challenges, one of which being the topic of security.
New configuration settings, roles and authorizations, custom applications are just a few examples of things which need to be (re-)considered. Read more


Achieving a Baseline Security within the SAP Environment, April 2017

As the number and intensity of attacks on SAP systems increases daily, even the US government is now issuing CERTs for vulnerabilities that have been known for some time.
At the same time increased regulation forces greater disclosure and increases liability. Managing the risk of interconnected business systems challenges all companies - large and small. Read more


Integrate Security Into the Development of SAP HANA Applications, March 2017

HANA is a big change for any SAP customer, but also a chance to introduce state-of-the-art-technology into their IT departments. More importantly, it’s also an opportunity to developing secure and high-quality applications right from the start. But how can you prevent insecure or faulty code in HANA applications? By integrating security and quality right into the development process. Read more


Protect Business Critical Data in SAP® Systems - Data Leak Prevention with CodeProfiler for ABAP, February 2017

HR data, customer information, price lists and production schedules are just a few examples of sensitive data in SAP® systems. Stored in database tables, this information can be easily extracted by custom ABAP applications and therefore be removed from the secure context of the SAP system. Read more


TransportProfiler - Forecast the impact of your transport, December 2016

SAP's transport system is an important tool for transporting changes through your production pipeline. The wrong change may cause operational malfunctions, system shutdowns or security vulnerabilities in target systems. Read more


Cybersecurity and Enterprise Threat Detection for SAP Environments, October 2016

Your operations demand that your SAP environment remains available and secure. That means you must continuously monitor and detect threats from both internal and external risks. The SAP Enterprise Threat Detection application opens up new possibilities for detection with its ability to process vast amounts of data. Read more


The fastest way to improve SAP Security – Virtual Forge Cloud, September 2016

The road to a secured SAP system environment usually implies a lot of manual effort or the installation of additional solutions. For some scenarios, however, this is not a feasible approach. Virtual Forge Cloud, on the other hand, can be used immediately, completely independent of an SAP infrastructure and without prerequisites. Read more


SAP Enterprise Threat Detection: Installation, Configuration and First Steps, July 2016

A practical introduction to SAP ETD. In this webinar you will learn how to set up ETD and avoid pitfalls during configuration. Read more


Reporting and authorizations in SAP security, June 2016

Authorizations are a major topic when it comes to SAP security. This is also valid for HANA – identifying critical authorizations in HANA, however, is far from trivial. If you need to generate a clear reporting on the security status of an SAP system, similar challenges lie ahead. SystemProfiler 3.1 offers a solution for both. Read more


SAP Penetration Testing – What Are Your Business Benefits?, May 2016

The source code of a given SAP installation is more extensive than that of current operating systems. Companies' in-house ABAP code alone weighs in at an average of around two million lines per system. Due to the large number of parameters and interfaces in play, the configuration and maintenance of the various SAP technologies also present a highly complex challenge.
An SAP Penetration Test gives businesses an impression whether obvious gaps exist in the established security measures, which can make the company vulnerable against cyber-attacks or malicious insiders. Read more


Protect Business Critical Data in SAP - Data Loss Prevention with CodeProfiler, April 2016

HR data, customer information, price lists and production schedules are just a few examples of sensitive data - these are the crown jewels of your SAP system. Stored in database tables, this information can be easily extracted by custom ABAP applications and therefore be removed from the secure context of the SAP system (e.g., by sending an e-mail). Read more


CodeProfiler 4.1 – transparent ABAP code security, March 2016

CodeProfiler by Virtual Forge has been broadly acknowledged as the leading solution for ABAP code scanning. With our new version 4.1 we go beyond improving existing functionalities. Several new features included in this version will provide our customers with significant added value to prove our technology lead in the area of ABAP code scanning. Read more


Holistic Access Security in SAP HANA combined with Mobile Apps, January 2016

SAP HANA is used by more and more companies. The emerging applications offer the possibility of an optimal use of the platform and to exploit potentials. However, the combination of the use of SAP HANA and Mobile Apps also comprises risks, because the classic authorization concept is extended by two further dimensions. Read more


SAP Security Roadmap, December 2015

While the topic of SAP security has been neglected in the past, this has changed with the increased awareness about IT security in general and the threat of cyber-attack. But which strategy should be applied when securing the SAP system landscape? What areas need to be covered, and what type of products and services exist to support such an SAP security strategy? Read more


The new SystemProfiler - bridging the gap to IT-Security, November 2015

Virtual Forge SystemProfiler, the leading solution for validating and optimizing SAP system configurations, is now available in version 3.0. This update by Virtual Forge extends the world of SAP security by delivering security relevant information to SIEM systems. This will bridge the gap to general IT-Security, where SAP data is often neglected – simply because they could not be retrieved properly. Within SAP security, there is news, too: SystemProfiler now supports the continuous monitoring of SAP HANA systems. Read more


Identifying faulty SAP transports with TransportProfiler, October 2015

SAP's transport system is an important tool in importing changes and custom developments into production systems. That said, it does not perform any detailed checks on transport objects. Inconsistent or faulty SAP transports can therefore cause operational malfunctions or even system shutdowns. Read more


HANA Code Scanning – developing secure applications for SAP HANA, August 2015

For SAP HANA many interesting new applications will emerge in the coming years, which exhaust the strengths and characteristics of this powerful platform. These applications will process highly critical data and connected to the outside world through a variety of interfaces. This is why these new solutions need to run in a manner that’s not only stable and efficient, but sufficiently secure, as well. Integrating code checks into the SAP HANA development environment helps prevent errors as early on as possible, train developers in an interactive way, and minimize the long-term costs of defects. Read more


SAP Cloud Security – how to protect your data in the cloud, April 2015

The new platform S/4 HANA makes it once again clear that cloud plays an increasingly important role at SAP.
But what about security? How can you protect your data optimally in the Cloud? Which Cloud scenarios exist and how your data will arrive securely in the cloud? Read more

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