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Customers expect their SAP® systems to be secure and compliant. Thus, Add-On products must not add unintended backdoors and need to conform to regulatory standards and legal requirements.

Virtual Forge certifies third-party ABAP Add-on providers

Having their Add-On code scanned with Virtual Forge CodeProfiler, Add-On vendors prove that they care for security and compliance.

The certification program includes an assessment of the ABAP code based on the BIZEC APP/11 standard. BIZEC is a consortium of leading SAP security experts, SAP customers and auditors that establishes an independent security standard for SAP systems. Among others, the BIZEC APP/11 includes ABAP programming best practices from the SAP community (DSAG).

QuantityWare GmbH (Add-On: QuantityWare Bulk Calculations Solution 1.0B) is among the first certified participants. Kern AG and Xiting AG has gone through the certification process as well.

The certification program consists of two consecutive code checks for ABAP Add-ons. After the first scan of the Add-On code, the vendor receives an initial report that shows critical security issues that must be mitigated.

After a correction phase, we deliver a final report, and a certificate for BIZEC APP/11 compliance. Vendors can document exemptions for certain issues showing that risks are mitigated elsewhere, e.g. by certain configuration settings or by calling SAP standard APIs, that contain mitigation functionality.

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Your benefits: establish trust by security and compliance to standards

By participating in the Virtual Forge certification program, ABAP Add-on providers can ensure that their code is secure and compliant with the best practices of the BIZEC APP/11 standard.

  • The certification process helps to reduce business risks for customers.
  • Standardization increases the overall performance of ABAP Add-ons.
  • Following standards reduces costs for development, maintenance and support.
  • Having CodeProfiler certified Add-ons, vendors establish trust with their customers who now know that their purchased software meets the highest standards of security and compliance.
  • A certificate is a unique selling point in the sales cycle - Add-on providers can proactively present the results of the analysis to give their potential customers complete peace of mind.

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