Put Your Custom ABAP Applica- tions to the Test

Two million lines – that's the amount of custom (ABAP) application code in the average SAP system.

This finding, which was revealed by the Virtual Forge Business Code Quality Benchmark, is important for two reasons. For one, many of those responsible for SAP systems are completely unaware of how much of a role custom-developed and adapted business applications play. And secondly, such developments are typically not programmed with the necessary attention to quality and security, which poses tremendous risks in terms of both security and stability.

Start taking a closer look at your company's risks now by taking part in the Virtual Forge Business Code Quality Benchmark. We'll evaluate the status of one of your SAP systems free of charge!

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The Virtual Forge Business Code Quality Benchmark

For years, Virtual Forge has been conducting risk assessments on custom-developed ABAP applications at companies that use SAP.

So far, Virtual Forge has scanned all of the custom application code in more than 300 SAP systems run by its customers. The anonymized results are constantly incorporated into the Business Code Quality Benchmark, which is updated and published as a free e-book once every year.

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