How to provide security, compliance and quality?

Best practice, not theory

Learn everything you need to know about the current hot topics in the areas of SAP® security, compliance and quality by reading our best practice articles. The content was developed in close collaboration with our clients, researchers, as well as recognized auditors.

Two million lines: the average amount of custom (ABAP) application code run by customers

Put Your Custom ABAP Applications to the Test

Custom developments are typically not programmed with the necessary attention to quality and security, which poses tremendous risks in terms of both security and stability. Start analyzing your company's risks now by taking part in the Virtual Forge Business Code Quality Benchmark.

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How to identify compliance gaps?

With a mouse click

Globally, there are more than 248,500 SAP customers across 188 countries. All these enterprises process and store mission-critical data of financials, customers, and employees in their SAP systems. In doing so, SAP systems need to comply with internal as well as external standards, e.g. the implementation of protection mechanisms. Failure to comply with regulatory standards can result in substantial penalties, restrictions, or even exclusions, e.g. in form of losing the stock exchange listing. Also, the rise of cyber-attacks and industrial espionage cases show that SAP systems are a tempting target to attackers. Learn how to identify unknown compliance gaps in your SAP environment.

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How to unleash the full power of your
SAP applications?

Remove the hidden brakes

If you visit an SAP-related event the past years, you will find a dominant theme everywhere: HANA®, HANA and HANA. As this is not just short-term hype, more and more SAP managers are keen to understand if HANA is the right fit for their organizations. Learn more about your seven-step HANA migration plan.

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