The Virtual Forge CodeProfiler for HANA is the first code scanner available for native SAP HANA applications. Code analysis supports a holistic approach to cyber security.

Its interactive testing provides developers with support in developing secure and robust applications. It takes compliance requirements into account and enables auditors and security officers to check their adherence at any time. Best of all, SAP® security is integrated into transformation projects right from the start.

The CodeProfiler for HANA currently covers the following programming languages: SAPUI5, XSJS, and SQLScript.

SAP Security - CodeProfiler for HANA
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Safety Checks
SAP Applications

release processes

  • Interactive scan of the SAP HANA programming languages SAPUI5, XSJS, and SQLScript
  • Full integration into the development environment (e.g. Eclipse)
  • Scan of SAPUI5 source code in SAP HANA, SAPUI5 ABAP, and GIT repository
  • SAP Fiori app-ready
  • Testing based on more than 80 test cases
  • Audit-compliant result reports
SAP Security - Virtual Forge CodeProfiler for HANA Dashboard
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