The Virtual Forge CodeProfiler for ABAP is the most comprehensive code scanner for custom-coded ABAP® applications. Its code analysis supports a holistic approach to cyber security.

The CodeProfiler was the first ABAP code scanner and still remains the leading product on the market. Its interactive testing provides developers with support in developing secure and robust applications. It takes compliance requirements into account and enables auditors and security officers to check their adherence at any time. SAP® security is integrated right from the start.

SAP Security - Virtual Forge CodeProfiler for ABAP
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Security Checks
SAP Applications
development processes
  • More than 300 test cases – constantly updated
  • Security and compliance monitoring
  • Performance, maintainability, robustness, and data loss prevention
  • Patented data and control flow analysis
  • Detailed reporting in the tool and as PDF export
  • Integration into SAP development and transport processes
  • Remote scan possible without installation in source system
SAP Security - Virtual Forge CodeProfiler for ABAP Dashboard
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SAP Security - Virtual Forge Security Suite as a Service

In addition to the classic on-premise solution, you can examine ABAP code quickly and easily in the Virtual Forge Security Suite as a Service.

  • Checks ABAP code of in-house developments and third-party vendors
  • Instant reporting on vulnerabilities with detailed criticality assessments
  • Highest encryption standards
  • No installation required
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