Code is at the heart of SAP systems and is an important aspect for secure SAP applications. Code scanners enable custom code to be checked for vulnerabilities in security, compliance, and quality – in next to no time, entirely automatically, and holistically.
The Virtual Forge Security Suite takes a holistic approach to safeguarding SAP systems. In addition to system and transport security, code verification and cleansing are fundamental components of the Security Suite.
Virtual Forge Security Suite Code
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Business Code Quality Benchmark 2017

In this so far most extensive benchmark report, the entire custom SAP ABAP application code from more than 300 customer systems was analyzed. Virtual Forge has compiled the key figures for you.

  • Exciting statistics from more than 600 million lines of analyzed ABAP code
  • Actual benchmark figures in the areas of Security and Compliance, Performance and Robustness
  • Assessment of the key figures
The Business Code Quality Benchmark 2017

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