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Sebastian Schönhöfer – Product Owner

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Thomas Kastner – Managing Director

About Virtual Forge, an Onapsis Company

Cyber Security for SAP® Solutions


Virtual Forge, an Onapsis company, is a leading solution provider in the cybersecurity industry for SAP solutions.

Since 2006, Virtual Forge has worked closely with customers to provide the highest security, compliance and quality standards for their SAP systems. Virtual Forge has pioneered the field of SAP custom code scanning, launching its flagship solution CodeProfiler in 2009. In June 2019, Onapsis acquired Virtual Forge to deliver the cybersecurity industry’s first and only comprehensive business-critical application cybersecurity and compliance platform.

As an Onapsis company, Virtual Forge will continue to accelerate its mission to develop and deliver new technologies and disruptive methods that ensure SAP systems and applications are protected against cyberattacks, fraud and unnecessary downtime.

We are seeking outstanding and innovative minds to partner with us to secure the future of the SAP landscapes worldwide. We’re not just looking for employees, but for team members who share our motivation, performance and willingness to learn!

SAP Security: Virtual Forge Cybersecurity Compliance

More than 100
Employees Worldwide

Heidelberg, Germany

Turnover :
Worldwide approx. 15 Mio. Euro

Vacancies at Virtual Forge (an Onapsis Company)

Become part of our excellent team and find our current job offers here: Onapsis Jobs

Can’t find anything suitable? You can still apply! We are on an international growth course and no talents are lost with us.

If you have any questions about your application or how to apply, you can contact Oliwia or Martina. They are more than happy to respond to your inquires via phone or via e-mail.

Oliwia Smit
Mobile: +49 (0) 151 182 152 40 
E-Mail: oliwia.smit@onapsis.com

Martina Reisch
Mobile: +49 (0) 151 182 152 15
E-Mail: martina.reisch@onapsis.com

Virtual Forge Career - HR Team

Discover what Virtual Forge has to offer!

The secret of our success clearly lies with our outstanding team!

In return, we intend to do all we can to ensure that these great people feel happy at work. Thus, we believe that only those who are satisfied have the power of creation. So, Virtual Forge aims to offer more than just an attractive salary. No matter if you are a late riser, an early bird, or prefer to do home office: due to the flexible and trust-based working hours, everyone can decide with their team when and from where they do their job. This gives full flexibility for you and your family and improves your work-life balance.

Furthermore, the core of Virtual Forge’s philosophy includes continuing education programs - such as seminars, advanced trainings, conferences, and webinars. You never stop learning! Therefore, our employees can expect lifelong learning and development opportunities.

SAP Security: Virtual Forge Career