Custom Code Correction Factory

The service offering Custom Code Correction Factory by Virtual Forge aims to correct weaknesses in custom code within an SAP® ABAP system for a fixed price and within a defined period of time.

Our project experience of many years, the expertise of our research and development department as well as our patented CodeProfiler solution provide Virtual Forge with a unique insight into the security of SAP systems. This insight indicates that 95% of all evaluated SAP systems show significant security weaknesses due to custom ABAP code.

Especially for systems that have been in operation for some years we find a large amount of those security issues. Correcting those issues and minimizing the corresponding security and quality risks implies great effort. Using the Custom Code Correction Factory, Virtual Forge offers a correction of this custom code base by our experts as well as optimal planning reliability.

The objective of the Code Correction Factory is to eliminate code defects in a cost efficient way and minimize the security risk for affected SAP systems. This prevents unplanned system downtimes, data theft and cyber attacks for our customers.

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SAP ABAP Custom Code Correction Factory for correcting weaknesses in custom code within an SAP ABAP systems.

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